150 Years of Iranian Music

Dear Friends:

Please join us for a talk and musical performance about Iranian music in the last 150 years. We briefly review what we know about Iranian music, its characters, and its evolution over centuries and then focus on the work of the great composers and influential musicians of 1850-1900. Their work is discussed from political and musical perspectives. Mithra Arts is honored to have two talented musicians and musicologists from Montreal, Showan Tavakol and Behnaz Sohrabi, accompanying Kioumars Poorhaydari, in that presentation and ensemble performance. Kioumars will present part of his research on Iranian music during his master program in ethnomusicology at U of A. Not only you will listen to live Persian music, but hopefully you will have food for thought about Iranian music and its challenges. The talk is in English, so please invite your non-Iranian music loving friends or colleagues. (see the attached poster)

For more information, including bios of the performers, please check our website:
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