Fundraising – In memory of the passengers of Flight PS752

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Flight PS752 took off from the runway on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, heading to Kiev, with 176 people on board. 138 of the passengers were supposed to catch a connecting flight to Canada, but the connecting flight landed in Toronto Wednesday afternoon, with many seats empty.  

Flight PS752 crashed shortly after take-off and has changed so many lives. More than 10 Edmontonians aren’t with us anymore, and only their memories are left behind…  

As a nonprofit organization, IHSE has served the community in Edmonton since 1987, but we certainly haven’t had to experience such a tragedy.
 IHSE is hoping that with your kind contributions, we as a community can create small, but hopefully positive impacts in the lives of those Edmontonians who are affected by this tragedy.

The purpose of this campaign is to provide assistance to affected Edmontonians from our community and pay for the memorial service.

1- The first $5,000 will be used for a memorial service for the victims.
2- Any amount raised above $5,000 will be used to support families of the victims. 
3- After these funds have been distributed as described above, the remaining balance will be transferred to the University of Alberta Endowment fund to establish a scholarship in the memory of Professor Mojgan Daneshmand and Professor Pdram Mousavi, students on flight 752 and other victims.

As a Nonprofit Organization that tracks all donations and presents them to community members through its annual financial statement and has an established accounting system, IHSE has the proper procedures to ensure that these funds are protected and able to be properly distributed to the appropriate recipients.