IHSE Election 2016-2017

Dear Beloved Friends,

We are one week from elections and we want to ensure that the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton continues to progress with involvement from its members and leadership from the elected governance. Below are listed positions that we will be holding elections for. If you believe that you may be suitable for one of these positions please feel free to contact us or attend the Annual General Meeting and announce your candidacy.

President – provides leadership and guidance for the board of directors. Acts as the spokesperson on behalf of the society and chairs most of the meetings of the society.

The ideal candidate will thoroughly understand the affairs of the society, the standard operating guidelines of non-profit societies, understand the objectives of the society and able to display leadership in management affairs.

Requirements: Has been a director with the society for 1 term within the previous 10 years or an active member with the society for the previous 5 consecutive years.
Must be over 18 without a criminal record.

The remainder of the candidates must be over 18 without a criminal record.

Vice President – Replaces the president in the presidents absence. Chairs the Personnel and Heritage Festival Committee. Also in charge of the boards affairs with respects to the Alberta Corporate Registry.

The ideal candidate will have some experience in management position and be familiar with government organizations like corporate registry and the city’s various departments.

Treasury – Responsible for the financial affairs of the board. Book keeping, financial statements and revenues/expenses for the society.

The ideal candidate is an accountant or has extensive experience with book keeping and financials.

Secretary – Responsible for board meeting minutes, record keeping, membership matters and registrar of members.

The ideal candidate will have great organization skills and understands the standard operating procedures for board of directors.

Public Relations Director – Responsible for updating members with information, e-mails, social media and communication for the society.

The ideal candidate will be bilingual in English and Farsi. Understands how social media works and understands the implications/difference of emotional response versus diplomatic response.

2 Other Director positions will be elected but the specific titles of those will be appointed by the board. The two positions will normally consist of a variety of experiences including but not limited to; cultural and historic knowledge of Iran, music, event organization, sponsorship and grant/charitable status knowledge, youth, etc..

The President is the only titled director position that is individually elected by the members. The other director positions will be appointed to each directors at the first board meeting. These positions put in valuable personal time into progressing the Iranian community and we want to thank any potential candidates in advance. A reasonable expectation of commitment is roughly 4 hours every 2 weeks throughout the year. Events such as yalda, nowruz and heritage add hours to this 4 hour commitment based on the event and collaboration with the different committees. Sitting on a board like this can help you gain priceless knowledge of organizational governance and help to establish important contacts with different boards, members and government contacts. It also adds great volunteers experience to the resume and gives you the opportunity to give something back to the Iranian community while helping shape the direction the community takes in moving forward.

We wish everyone luck and hope to see you all at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday.

150 Years of Iranian Music

Dear Friends:

Please join us for a talk and musical performance about Iranian music in the last 150 years. We briefly review what we know about Iranian music, its characters, and its evolution over centuries and then focus on the work of the great composers and influential musicians of 1850-1900. Their work is discussed from political and musical perspectives. Mithra Arts is honored to have two talented musicians and musicologists from Montreal, Showan Tavakol and Behnaz Sohrabi, accompanying Kioumars Poorhaydari, in that presentation and ensemble performance. Kioumars will present part of his research on Iranian music during his master program in ethnomusicology at U of A. Not only you will listen to live Persian music, but hopefully you will have food for thought about Iranian music and its challenges. The talk is in English, so please invite your non-Iranian music loving friends or colleagues. (see the attached poster)

For more information, including bios of the performers, please check our website:

انتخاب هیات مدیره انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون

به اطلاع کلیه اعضاء محترم انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون – IHSE میرساند، مجمع عمومی سالیانه جهت انتخاب اعضاء جدید هیات مدیره در سمت های مدیرعامل، قائم مقام مدیرعامل، مدیر روابط عمومی، مدیر اداری، مدیر حسابداری، مدیرجذب منابع و مدیر برگزاری مناسبت ها، روز یکشنبه 25 سپتامبر 2016 و در محل دفتر انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون به آدرس زیر برگزار خواهد شد. کلیه اعضاء انجمن با دارا بودن حداقل سن 18 سال تمام و کارت شناسایی معتبر عکسدار میتوانند کاندید عضویت در هر یک از سمت های اشاره شده گردیده، و یا در رای گیری و انتخاب اعضاء هیات مدیره جدید شرکت نمایند.

با تصمیم هیات مدیره فعلی برای جلب مشارکت حداکثری دوستان و هموطنان گرامی مقیم ادمونتون در انتخابات و همچنین به منظور استفاده از توان نیروهای موجود در جامعه ایرانیان ادمونتون و ارتقاء کمی و کیفی خدمات انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون، عضویت در انجمن برای کلیه علاقه مندان تا پایان روز کاری 24 سپتامیر 2016 رایگان خواهد بودو علاقه مندان میتوانند با تکمیل و ارسال تصویر فرم زیر به آدرس پست الکترونیک روابط عمومی انجمنpublicrelations@ihse.ca، جهت عضویت خود و خانواده اقدام نمایند. لطفا در صورت عدم امکان ارسال تصویر فرم تکمیل شده عضویت، درخواست عضویت خود را بصورت نامه الکترونیک با درج نام کامل، شماره تلفن تماس و آدرس پست الکترونیک خود برای روابط عمومی انجمن به آدرس پست الکترونیک مندرج در بالا ارسال فرمایید.

*** لازم به ذکر است اعتبار عضویت ها تا پایان دوره فعلی هیات مدیره (پایان سپتامبر2016) خواهد بود.

مجمع عمومی انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون
روز، تاریخ و زمان برگزاری: یکشنبه 25 سپتامبر 2016 – از ساعت 1:00 تا 5:00 بعد از ظهر
13:00 – 15:00 – ارائه گزارش مالی و عملکرد دوره فعلی انجمن
15:00 – 15:15 – استراحت
15:15 – 15:30 – تقدیر از داوطلبان فستیوال هریتج و پذیرایی
15:30 – 16:00 – صحبت کاندیداهای ریاست انجمن و انتخابات جهت انتخاب ریاست انجمن
16:00 – 16:10 – استراحت
16:10 – 17:00 – انتخاب جهت انتخاب سایر اعضای هیات مدیره جدید

آدرس محل برگزاری:
10820 119 ST. NW
(Florist formerly Bernard’s Wholesale)

Free Parking

دانلود فرم عضویت در انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون –IHSE

روابط عمومی انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان ادمونتون